How to wrap a present

How to wrap a present?

How to wrap a present is something what troubles many sometimes . You may have created something special for your loved ones and now wondering how to wrap it so that it shall be looking pretty enough . Be happy we have gathered a couple of cool yet simple gift wrapping ideas  that will not only help you make your hard work  wrapped perfectly but  will also give it a personal touch.

  We have collected a couple of videos  that will help you understand the process and special attention is given to the fact that most of the required stuff is  available at home itself.

Gift wrapping ideas step by step

The first thing that will be required is the material to wrap. This could be paper, cloth, or a creative bag of some sort or anything used creatively. Some potali bags are alos good idea . Actually much will depend upon the shape of the article that is required  to be wrapped. But after  watching these videos   one way or another you will be able to pull it off crevely.

1. How to wrap a present with ribbon ?

how to wrap a gift without a box ?

some really cool gift wrap ideas

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